5 Ways a PEO can Make Your Employees Happy

Employee satisfaction is paramount to a truly successful business. The team you build and foster is at the core of your company, driving its growth. So it makes sense that happy employees are more loyal and more invested in the business.

At the top of the employee satisfaction wish list is a good benefits program. Providing your team with a solid human resources connection is a smart way to develop strong relationships and a positive work culture. So how do you manage the multiple branches that come with HR—from payroll and insurance to compliance and training? That’s where a professional employer organization (PEO) comes in.

How does a PEO influence employee satisfaction?

Whether you are currently outsourcing to multiple services for your HR needs or trying to juggle them internally, a PEO goes a long way to making life easier for everyone. First, by maintaining one reliable point of contact for all functions of HR. And more importantly, by answering your employees needs, helping them feel seen and understood, and building trust between management and the team. Does outsourcing seem a contradictory solution for inner-office harmony? Take a look at the top five ways a PEO can benefit your business.

  1. Better Workplace Communication: When your workers feel they’ve been left in the dark about important workplace information, it erodes trust and breeds resentment. Partnering with a PEO gives you a Human Resource center dedicated to keeping employees in the loop. From staffing changes to policy updates to employee birthdays (because these personal details are a vital part of authentic workplace happiness), the communications are consistent, clear, and accurate. The PEO is there to answer any employee questions and create an environment of feeling heard and informed. The bonus? You and your team have more time to focus on running the business.
  2. Career Enrichment: Employees desire an employer that cares about their personal well-being and supports their growth in the company. Employees wanting to create a plan for advancement need guidance for the best approach according to their goals and skill set. Having a PEO provides you with a resource for creating, enhancing and managing the company opportunities for career development. Offering this resource facilitates improved self-confidence, encourages curiosity, and builds stronger relationships.
  3. Keep Things Interesting: Repetition in a daily work environment can take its toll on employees. A PEO can create “snow globe” opportunities for your team, shaking things up to re-ignite imagination and inspire creative thinking. From creating special team projects to temporary job swaps, keeping things interesting keeps your employees interested. Not only is this an investment in the workplace culture, but it also gives management valuable insights into the team members and their untapped potential.
  4. Safe Zone for Sharing Concerns: When an employee has a beef or potentially tricky complaint, and only the available person to tell is the boss, a chamber of silence is often created. Because they need a neutral ally to discuss the matter confidentially, most employees will keep quiet rather than speak up. Unfortunately, this can result in decreased work performance and happiness, or the employee leaving for a different company. A PEO provides a safe, anonymous, and neutral point of communication. Employees can air grievances or discuss concerns without fear of repercussions, and with the assurance that they are being heard.
  5. Better Benefits, Better Work-Life Balance: A workplace that offers medical benefits is already ahead of the curve. It’s one of the most appreciated aspects of the employment package. And besides managing the usual health, wellness and retirement benefits, PEOs can also help you take it to the next level. If you are a company that recognizes the importance of work-life balance for happier employees, then this resource is a great direction. From helping you launch new employee benefits like flex time and summer hours to establishing office fitness and health initiatives, your PEO can improve the quality of work-life benefits. That means happier, healthier employees that feel taken care of, and a stronger sense of camaraderie among the team members.

Happy employees aren’t created overnight. Having an internal core value like employee happiness requires substance, authenticity, and consistency. Once in place, the domino effect is obvious—more inspired and content employees, more creative problem-solving and big ideas, more loyalty, more success for everyone…more.

The power of a PEO is that you can build these smart resource infrastructures, and then have peace of mind that it’s all being run in a way that satisfies management and staff. The benefit is that your employees stay happy, and you have more time to manage the business you love.

Want to know more about the happiness power of a PEO partnership? Get in touch with us, and we can set up a no-obligation consultation to show you the possibilities.