The Company

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, PathGoal functions as an HR Department for small to medium sized businesses. The company’s service offering includes HR Outsourcing, Government Contracting, and comprehensive recruitment. PathGoal’s local service team presence, cutting edge online technology, and hands-on approach assures clients are receiving the best HR resources and customer service at an affordable cost. Operating in all 50 states, PathGoal delivers some of the best benefits available to more than 5,000 employees as well as a comprehensive suite of human resource services.

Vision and Focus

PathGoal’s vision is represented within the name which is derived from , “Two Paths Achieving One Goal.” By partnering with PathGoal, clients gain access to extensive HR support, technology and system processes to improve productivity and increase revenue.

Our Culture

At PathGoal, our Character, Commitment and Passion, are the foundation of the Company’s culture. These core principles assist us in being more responsive, flexible, and customer-centric, which is the cornerstone to building long lasting relationships with our clients and their employees.


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